The Road Less Traveled
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Remember Our Dead and never forget!

June 2006 - taken on last day of class

The Road Less Traveled is being transgender (or transsexual if you prefer) and learning to be "male" whether it be the way our ancestors did before testosterone shots, pills, and creams or with the help of modern technologies. It is also when some gender changing surgeries will take place and others not. And in some cases it is because those of us who travel this path choose not to give up our queer orientation ID but yet when it comes to gender we are not female but male.

It is my hope that you will be encouraged by this site, will find information and resources easy to access, and will bookmark it so you can visit it again and again.

This site's name was inspired by the poem called "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. To read the poem in it's entirety CLICK HERE.

There comes a time when you have to speak up and be counted. Not In Our Name is a pledge, a stance of resistance against the loss of freedoms and civilrights perpetuated on us by the GWB administration. We made our stand about the war in Iraq and we still need to keep standing as the US regime continues to use it's bully stick on it's own citizens as well as those in the world. Please visit this website and lend your support.

Not In Our Name!
Not In Our Name - National Website

Not In Our Name Music

The FAB 5 from the show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy recently did an episode where they helped out an FtM. I was so impressed with their care and support of that young man that I'm adding a link here for them. If you need or want tips on anything from what to do with your home/apt to how to look well groomed, click here:
The FAB 5 of Queer Eye

Information, Resources, and Other Links

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My Personal Journey:
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Binder Resources
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Testosterone Research
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Pre-Op Props:
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FtM Organizations:

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Transgender/FtM Email Lists and Publications:
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Coming Soon - Transgender/Transsexual Bookstore
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*For the post menopausal - this is from the stand point if you wish to proceed in order to get your insurance to cover that T would be a "hormone replacement therapy". Granted your T shots will be higher than normal HRT but with a good doc this can be worked out.

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