The Road Less Traveled
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Linking Up!
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Linking Up!

QueerNet Groups:

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  1. fatftm - Transitioning issues specific to fat female-to-male persons (SOs welcome)
  2. ftmbdsm - TG/TS guys into SM, bondage, kink
  3. genderbende Connecting Dutch transgenders and genderqueers
  4. gspot Genetic Supportive Partners Of Transfolk (Dykes only)
  5. justmen FTMs who consider themselves regular guys
  6. ptp Partners of transgender and transsexual people
  7. tg-adoptee Discussion and support for TG folk and adoption issues
  8. tgbutch Transgender (passing) Butches and the Femmes who love them. FtM's welcome.
  9. tgts-youth Transgendered and transexual youth support and discussion
  10. tguys-fems For TG Butches/FtMs and Femmes to talk, discuss, debate
  11. tranny-psych FTM+/SOFFA mental health issues
  12. trannyfags (no description)
  13. trans-jews TG/TS/genderqueer/gender-questioning Jews of all backgrounds
  14. trans_survivors Trans survivors of violence and abuse
  15. transpagans Discussion of issues relating to trans+/ TG-friendly Pagans
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