Pre-Op Props
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Hail and Greetings to my Pre-Op Props page!

I know you probably felt like you had to jump through hoops to get here but I'd rather be safe than sorry. There is NOTHING pornographic on these pages or even "lewd". In truth what is listed here IS an FtM's pre-operative "props" in one form or another. I can't help it if some of these "props" make some people blush or even get excited. T'aint my responsibility and t'aint my problem unless someone wants to get all codependent on the issue and then it's still their problem, not mine!

That said... about the vendors... I can't guarantee one way or another how good the merchandise is. Though personally I use a "Mr.Softie" for the bulge in my slacks and have been a patron of Toys In Babeland for many years. So I guess on those two things I can say I've had personal experience with and find them to be at the top of my list of things that work. But each of you must make your own choices and own decisions yes?

So without further ado, here's the props listing.

Beards and Mustaches

Props to put the "Bulge"
in your slacks!

If you know of other vendors that should be included send me EMAIL with the url and whether or not you've used their product and what you think of it. If you're a vendor just send me the url so I can check out your website.